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Jeremy Gasowski
Creating Positive Change Together

o better reflect its position as a partnership among UNH’s Sustainability Institute, the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics and the Carsey School of Public Policy, in August, the UNH Center for Social Innovation and Enterprise relaunched as the Changemaker Collaborative. The change, UNH Deputy Chief Sustainability Officer Fiona Wilson says, runs deeper than a new name. “With our partners, we have collectively refined and clarified who we are and what we do in order to help us better reflect our mission and vision, and more effectively communicate with students, faculty, staff and with our partners in the community,” she explains.

Indeed, underpinning the new name are a range of new partnerships and expanded offerings that will provide a robust suite of high-impact education programs to students in all disciplines who are driven to make positive change in the world and effectively tackle humanity’s most pressing problems. In partnership with UNH faculty, staff and leaders and with community-based organizations, the Changemaker Collaborative offers meaningful internships, fellowships, consulting and research projects and other leadership opportunities — pivotal experiences that support students while they apply knowledge gained in the classroom to community-based, sustainability-related challenges and projects.

“We know this generation of students is deeply aware of and cares about addressing pressing issues. They are also aware that they cannot do it alone,” Wilson says. “In light of recent global events and crises, education is more critical than ever and is an immense responsibility. Providing these kinds of experiences for students to create positive impact in their communities is a pillar of our work and directly helps the university advance its strategic priorities.”
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—Catherine Meyer